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I have always thought Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), to be a master strategist in the art of politics and I must admit, I had seen him make deft political moves with clinical finishing. Prior to the APC presidential primary convention, it was obvious from President Buhari’s body language and that of the National Chairman of the APC, that he wasn’t the anointed candidate of the cabal. But he ended up trouncing not just his opponents but he trounced the President, the Vice President, the National Chairman and the Party. He left them mesmerized and in wonder of his political wizardry.

The margin by which he won proved that in politics the difference between winning and losing is in the strategy employed. I have heard people argue that he literally bought the APC primary election with his money, and I disagree with this line of thought, because I have seen money fail in politics, particularly when and where money was not properly deployed to meet targeted objectives.

Give to Caesar his due credits. As far as the APC primary election was concerned BAT and his handlers proved that a sick old man with strategy is far much better and useful than twenty healthy young men without strategy.

I was almost going to give him the general election until he showed he could also be dumb, if not dumber than we thought, with that mistake of a Muslim-Muslim ticket which he hopes will win him voters. It’s possible he made that dumb move with the mindset of locking up millions of votes from Borno after all in election, winning is everything. But that was his dumbest political move. Of course, a combination of Zulum and Shettima will deliver Borno to APC, but that’s too much a price to pay considering losing the support and trust of the entire Christian community.

The rancour and uproar that erupted following that decision showed he didn’t consult widely, or he didn’t get wise counsel. If he had consulted, he would have realized that the move is unpopular and can cost him the 2023 election.

President Buhari is the most dangerous that had happened to Nigeria’s unity. He did more harm than good. His divisive government polarised the country, splitting the country down the middle between Christians and Muslims, North and South. Constant killings and political division have damaged the country and ruined mental health of citizens.

The people don’t trust the government. They have lost faith in the Federation, and the word ‘revolution’ is now freely spoken in the open. All the people want now, is for him to peacefully retire and go away giving Nigeria a chance to recover from the damage his bad leadership has caused. Fortunately, even he, is eager to see his regime come to an end and we just cannot wait to see him fade away on his presidential expiry date.

He who the gods want to kill, they first visit with madness. BAT won the APC primary dramatically but frittered all the goodwill away by his wrong choice of a Vice Presidential candidate. Either he failed to gauge the people’s political temperature properly or he was insensitive and cared less about the sentiments of his Christian supporters.

When you are a snob and think you are better than everybody else, you do whatever you want. This was exactly what BAT did when he snubbed the wise counsel of his Christian supporters like Babachir Lawal and proceeded with the choice of a fellow Muslim as running mate. When he spoke about his choice, he sounded confident and prided himself as a man that is never indecisive when it comes to making hard decisions.

Unfortunately, this time he made a decision that has brought opprobrium not just to the ticket, but to his Party. No fair-minded person will want to have anything to do with the APC ticket, not because former Gov. Shettima is a bad person, far from it, but because many Christians who lived through the past seven years wherein the President is a Muslim; the Chief Justice of Nigeria – a Muslim the House Speaker is a Muslim, the Senate President is a Muslim, the National Security Adviser – a Muslim, the Chief of Army Staff – a Muslim, the Chief of Air Staff – a Muslim, the Chief of Secret Police a Muslim, the Inspector General of Police – a Muslim; the National Chairman of APC – a Muslim, the Deputy National Chairman – a Muslim, cannot be convinced that the presidential candidate and his vice will be all Muslims without darker motives being imputed. This is a serious imbalance as this country is neither a Muslim country nor is it a Christian country.

The BAT campaign team is obviously feeling the heat against his Muslim-Muslim ticket hence they took the extra ordinary plot of renting fake Bishops to grace the unveiling of his running mate. The video of the impostors, dressed in cassocks and groomed to pose as Christian bishops went viral. The fake bishops without churches were

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