It’s you and only you…

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Though we met by coincidence yet no one is sent to anyone by accident.

If I tell you that I love you , will you walk away or Stay?
I know this wasn’t part of the deal .
You only wanted to be my friend and my sister .
But I became addicted to you
Without knowing how , when and from where .
I just loved you straight forward from my heart .
I loved you without complexities and pride .
If they ask me today about my happiness , I will tell them Deborah.
And if they ask me about my wish , I will tell them to be close to you , to speak to you more often and smell your solid fragrance.
If they ask me about the best day of my life , I will tell them your birthday.
I will tell them I have registered 04/2 in my heart ❤️
And before now , I don’t even remember what I live .
Happy Val’s day DR.

This poem is specially dedicated to you Dr on this St Valentines Day …

Sir Clem
Circa 14 February 2022

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