A Table In My Heart ❤️

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Every time I see your pictures , the look in your face brightens up my day and takes away my gloom .

Whenever I thought of your shiny eyes and beautiful smiles, it make me smile too .
And I just can’t believe this is happening to me and so fast.
You changed my life without an effort , thought I was stubborn but guess I am not because I found the right reason .
I may not be perfect but at least I am not fake.
As you count down to your birthday, I made a promise that I will write Deborah Ronke in the table of my heart .
Your words are inspirational to me.
Your writings are motivating to me.
You are a blessing to your generation.

Till I live this world behind , I promise to always listen to you, respect you and adore you .

If love is sufficient, you will one day stop to be the stranger in my life but the true love of my life .

May God bless your new age . Happiest birthday my own dear .
Sir Clem …
Circa February 2022

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