BREAKING : Soludo Surges for Landslide Victory as Uba Crashes in Opinion Poll

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APGA so far controlled a tiny majority lead of the Anambra State House of Assembly following the defection of some of her members who will not be seeking re-election because they are in the final lap of their two- term tenure of office and this includes the Deputy Governor who decamped to APC five months to the end of his two-year term of office. Whether those defections will have any significant influence on the outcome of the November 6, governorship election remains difficult to predict.

In a release made available to Journalists in Abuja, by Mr. Clem Aguiyi, the President /CEO of Kevin Charlyn & Kimberly Associates – an opinion research and pollical index organisation, he said the group used various techniques to poll a sampled population of 6000 people in 90 out of the 179 communities in the State.

Aguiyi said the organisation used online, questionnaire and physical interview techniques in conducting the survey. The survey he said lasted for a period of 7 days since after their first survey was released to the public on the 18thof October 2021.

Two questions were posed to the sampled population of both male and female registered voters in the State:

Question (1): Between Soludo, Ozigbo and Andy Uba, who will you vote for as governor?
Question (2): Between Soludo and Andy Uba who will better manage the economy of Anambra State?

On question (1). While Soludo scored 41%, Valentine Ozigbo of PDP scored 24% and Andy Uba of APC scored 18%
When Soludo was polled against Andy Uba on who will be better manager of the economy of the State , Soludo scored 70% and Andy Uba scored 15% while 15% of the sampled voters were undecided.

According to Mr. Aguiyi the polling has 5-10 % margin of error and probability. He stressed that the organisation has no partisan interest in conducting the poll but to help deepen democracy in Nigeria.

Recall that Anambra has voted PDP in all presidential elections in the past 16 years. Former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Mr. Peter Obi won the State in 2019, but the State has consistently voted APGA in the governorship and other local elections.

Some observers have noted that the PDP in this election is not spending big money like their APC and APGA counterparts . They speculate that the party may be saving money for final voting on November 6. Vote buying on election day at the polling units is illegal and an offence punishable by law.

APC is generally unpopular in the State and had never had a good showing in all major elections in the State. However, the crash in the rating of Senator Andy Uba, the APC candidate in recent opinion polls including that conducted by Kevin, Charlyn and Kimberly Associates may not be unconnected with his undercut politics. He is accused of sabotaging the planned take off of the Anambra International Cargo Airport and also of being connected with the tensed security situation in the State.

The recent opinion poll conducted by Kevin, Charlyn and Kimberly Associates puts Soludo’s APGA at 17 points ahead of Val Ozigbo of PDP and 24 point ahead of APC’s Andy Uba.

If current trends continues , Soludo may coast to a landslide victory in what is the toughest election for the party and arguably the most expensive election in the history of the State.

For the past 16 years, Anambra have consistently voted APGA with her cockerel symbol. This election which fielded Prof Soludo appears to be the most consequential for the party , as the survival of the party depends on the outcome of the election.

A loss will mean an end of the Igbo political experiment which has given Anambra State good governance, quality education, prompt payment of wages in salaries and pensions, quality health care, good road networks , international stadium , Five Star Agulu Lake Hotel, International Cargo Airport, the largest and fastest selling beverage factory in Nigeria, thousands of jobs, a minimum of two projects in all the 179 Communities and many more.

The State would have easily boasted of being the safest and most secured State in Nigeria if not for recent security flashes which stakeholders blamed on desperate politicians.

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