ANAMBRA 2021: Ekwunife is PDP’s best option. By Clem Aguiyi

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While most of the aspirants jostling for PDP governorship ticket are eminently qualified , the major front runner to watch in the upcoming PDP primary election scheduled for June 26, 2021 is Senator Mrs. Uche Ekwunife- a proven leader with capacity. She is tried, tested and capable.


If PDP intends to field a candidate that is sure footed and courageous, a candidate who will not be a parasite on the party, then they need not look farther than Senator Mrs. Uche Ekwunife.


The one argument against her is that she is a woman. Her detractors argue that Anambra is not ready for a female governor. This argument to me is uninspiring because what the people want is a performer, a leader they can trust.

Sen. Uche Ekwunife didn’t become a Senator by accident or because she is a woman but by dint of hard work. Thus far, she has represented well in the Senate.


So, the gender argument is weak just like the argument targeted at depriving her of taking advantage of her paternal root. It’s an insult on women for anyone to want to deprive any woman of her paternal root on account of marriage. Women enjoy both marital and paternal leaning as a matter of right.


Having interacted with people in all the Senatorial Zones in the state, I dare say that the people’s needs are the same; what the people want is someone that understand their basic needs; someone who will create an enabling environment for good economy to thrive, who will provide the kind of education that will enable them fit into the economy; who understands they need jobs when they can be employed; who understands they need to be paid for works they have done and that when they retire , they retire with respect and dignity. In other words , the civil servants want their salaries paid as at when due and pensioners want to receive their pensions and benefits.


They want someone who will create the enabling environment for businesses to thrive . They want when they are sick to be able to go to a good hospital at affordable cost. They want to live in peace and security.

The Uche Ekwunife that I know understand the needs of the people and these are what drives her ambition and interest in politics.


Most people want real change. They want to elect a candidate that understand the issues as it affects them and who can assist in resolving their issues. They are not bothered about sexist and gender politics.


Like or loath her, Sen. Ekwunife has had a fascinating, impressive and progressive political career. She is a veteran of several elections and reputed to be a hard fighter and goal getter. She is the PDP candidate to beat in the primary election.


If given the ticket she will be a formidable force to reckon with. She has a cult like followership who trust and believe in her. She has the resources as well as the enormous good will to prosecute the main election. She won’t be a parasite on the party, neither would she neglect the party because she is a party person.


I don’t think there is any of the aspirants within the party who has worked as hard as she has done for the PDP ticket, I don’t know of any who have touched lives and invested in people as much as she has done. I don’t think any of the aspirants has the political experience she has garnered over the years and none can boast of the kind of intimidating political machine she has built, waiting to roar. If PDP is not pretending, if it intends to field a candidate that is sure footed and courageous, then they need not look farther than Senator Uche Ekwunife. With her, the party is sure of a bright future. She has the capacity to win the governorship election and make history as Nigeria’s first elected female Executive Governor.

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