Enugwu Agidi : the war on truth By Clem Aguiyi

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Enugwu Agidi


‘When you want to make enemies, tell the truth’ .

I guess, I just earned myself some inglorious enemies for having the nerve to say that difficult truth everyone knows about but no one wants to say.

Mr. Ebuka Onuorah has told his own story but laced with very dangerous lies . The thing about the lies he told is not the lie itself or about him as a liar whom we all know very well, but about how we respond to his many lies. If we allow his lies to go without response he will keep churning more dangerous lies .


I am aware that Ebuka Onuorah cannot spell or write his name correctly , talk less writing a complete sentence in English, so never authored the said article.


Who ever wrote that bundle of trash further damaged him in their futile attempt to wage war on the truth.

1. He acknowledged that my father served in the police force and rose to a high rank when police was police. Which means, I have nothing against the police as an institution . My father wore the uniform and was well decorated, and as such I am a proud member of the police family .

I am proud of my father , the uniform he wore and of my heritage .

All I ask of the police in Awka and Abagana is to do their duty by bringing bad people to Justice.

The police has no business being chummy with petty thieves and protective of common criminals.


The day of reckoning will come sooner than later when bad people shall be put away to make our world a better place. Evil does not last forever. And this too shall pass away.

2 . In furtherance of his dangerous lies he claimed that the police which I am against are risking their lives to chase away kidnappers terrorizing Enugwu Agidi.

I am happy he acknowledged we have issues with the rate of kidnap and abductions within Enugwu Agidi in recent time. So, I didn’t make it up. The too many abductions and their coincidences are of concern. Why is Enugwu Agidi suddenly a haven for kidnappers , armed robbers , rapists and cultists ? Why the series of kidnappings now that Ebuka and his group have turned the once beautiful town into a lawless community? Any discerning member of the public can put two and two together. There is a nexus and even the blind can see it.

I seize this opportunity to reiterate my respect for honest police officers and all men in uniform who do their jobs and risk their lives so that we can sleep at night . Like my late father was, they are my heroes and I salute them.


I make bold to say that I speak for the majority of my people when I say we don’t want the kidnappers terrorizing our people to be simply chased away, we want them apprehended and brought to justice .


I will urge the police to stop chasing shadows in the forest but to look inwards because the house rats are within. If the police today decides to unravel the crime ring in Enugwu Agidi and environ, they will .

3. Ebuka claimed that I am against the rising fortunes of Izuchukwu Okafor and that he Izu had asked anyone that said he forcefully took his land to step forward and claim N10m . The poor widows etc who were dispossessed know that instant harm or may be death by unwanted midnight visitors await them if they step forward hence they cry in silence, looking up to God to fight for them. Trust me , God is not asleep and He will visit with His vengeance.


Now for clarity , Izu sold over a thousand plots of our communal land at Ovia Nwamkpacha as Chairman of Ezinator without our mandate . Even at that, we demanded rightly and justifiably that he render an account of the transaction.

Our demand is simple :

1. Render Account of total sales( income and expenditure.)

2. Provide survey plan specifying number of plots before sales and after sales .

3. Provide a comprehensive list of buyers so that we establish our lands were not being sold to dangerous and fictitious fellows.

We have a right to what we have asked for.

Now that I have stepped forward on behalf of Etiti Village to say he sold our land and has refused to render account , can he pay the ten million Naira to Etiti and proceed to do the needful.


I don’t know of a world where a servant is bigger than the master . I don’t see the big issue in our demand and why this has become an intractable problem. We have a right to know what happened to our land and how .


All that Etiti asks of him is to render account so we can close the books, bear our losses or reap our rewards and move on.


It’s needless wasting money in hiring thugs and maiming people because by and large he must account for his stewardship, if not to men then to God.


4 . Laughable is Ebuka declaring himself as PG of Etiti Progressive Union. He is not even worried about criminal impersonation and forgery. Offences enough to earn him reasonable jail terms.


He can be PG of birds of the same feather – of course PG of fellow bandits . No worries! I lose no sleep about this.


5. He further shot himself in the foot when he said I am against their ‘new regime’. That of course was the crux of my opinion.

Who created their rogue regime ?Why the use of raw violence to snatch the peace of the town and purportedly claimed to have instituted a new regime ?

I maintain that this lawlessness should stop . Enugwu Agidi people are not known for abductions , killing and maiming one another . We often have our differences and disagreements. Often we quarrel like brothers and settle like brothers. We never in our history used violence to settle scores. This is why our people are mortified by the current savagery visited upon them by these emboldened hoodlums.


I thank God for making me live a very fulfilled and comfortable life. I never wished to be a lone star in the Sky . When I took my title name , it’s for a reason I chose the name ‘Kpakpando ‘. When you look up in the sky there are uncountable stars. So let’s all flourish positively.


My interest in this entire saga is that we return Enugwu Agidi to the path of peace and progress.


Let me repeat in all honesty , that I am not interested in winning a battle over Ebuka and his cohorts as I don’t consider myself as being at war with them , neither am I interested in wining an argument over them. Ndi Enugwu Agidi know who and who have destroyed the peace, sisterhood and brotherhood that we share as a people. The town by now know their true sons and the illegitimate.


For those on the sideline wishing that this present darkness will be sat out or eclipse by itself , Be assured that it will not simply vanish. We all owe a duty to ourselves , our children and the future generations to be on the side of truth and work for peace, law and order in Enugwu Agidi.


Thank you ,

Clem Aguiyi

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