ENUGWU-AGIDI: A community in crisis and under hostage By Clem Aguiyi

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This is the most difficult opinion article I have written in my entire career as a writer. Difficult because I enjoy painting glowing pictures of my town, most people do. Now jarred by recent ugly events unfolding before my eyes, framing this opinion becomes a difficult task. And no matter how it is framed, the truth is that peace has left Enugwu- Agidi-the beautiful, and the town is now enveloped by uncertainty and violence orchestrated by land bandits whose speciality is auctioning ancestral lands to strange people without the mandate of the community.

The land bandits have successfully overpowered the town using raw violence while aided by the police who look the other way as crime and terror are unleashed on hapless villagers. Yes, you heard me well ! the local police that were supposed to protect the people due to self-interest and corruption allowed themselves to be compromised by these criminal elements who share their illicit proceeds with them.

According to available crime records , Enugwu-Agidi is currently topping the chart for all the wrong reasons. The once peaceful community is now the thriving capital of violence, kidnapping, cultism, illicit drugs and armed robberies. Due to recent violence unleashed by cultists and imported armed hoodlums, the town has become a ghost of itself and economic activities grounded to zero. Youths who tried to push back on the new crime wave were marked down. Many were inflicted with various degrees of injuries. About 27 persons were wounded and hospitalized in various hospitals. The palace of the Igwe and Okpalanriam III was over-run by the hoodlums. The Igwe and his Onowu escaped by the whiskers and currently on the run for fear of their lives. Hundreds of youths were forced to flee the community. The women and the children who stayed back live in palpable fear of their lives and on the edge as the hoodlums go house to house in the dead of the night haunting down their victims and inflicting various degrees of injuries on them.

The most pathetic of the stories was the case of the Caretaker Committee President General of the Enugwu Agidi Brotherly Union. The caretaker government was appointed by the Anambra State Government to supervise the affairs of the town for a brief period pending the conduct of a general election. Upon resumption, the caretaker government headed by Hon. Ndubisi Obijiofor was greeted by avalanche of petitions by people whose lands were forcefully taken away and sold by the land bandits. Most of these complainants were widows who rely on those lands for sustenance. To restore semblance of order and sanity, the caretaker government held wide consultations after which it issued a streamlined process that will allow verification and authenticity of ownership of any vast plots of land exceeding four plots being put out for sale by any member of the community.

The Town Union also temporarily banned deployment of Caterpillars into Enugwu Agidi for the purpose of clearing bushlands without authorization because what the bandits do is to sneak in caterpillars in the dead of the night to clear targeted undeveloped parcels of land and in the process purposely uproot ancient landmarks so as to confuse existing boundaries. For having the audacity to halt indiscriminate land sales, the bandits abducted him in broad daylight, and in the presence of security agents, beat him to stupor, inflicted machete cuts on him, stripped him naked to his bare buttocks and paraded him round the market square as a trophy. That’s how the bandits humiliated the President General and snatched the peace and control of the town.

Having tasted blood and like a shark, the bandits roared. They upped their game to take over control of the town through intimidations, threats, violence and physical attacks; they purportedly installed one of their own as the new President General, the Kingpin of the bandit was installed as Igwe and another of the renegades as Onowu in clear violation of the Anambra State Chieftaincy Edict. Those terrorising the town are not faceless. They are known to both the community and the police. They are Mr. Izuchukwu Okafor(Okekeonyeocha), Mr. Ebuka Onuora and Mr. Chidi Okoye and their trained and recruited militia.

All reports about the activities of these persons and the rising incidence of violent crimes in Enugwu Agidi to the local police end up as cold cases. In some cases, the complainants are turned into accused just to frustrate their case. According to a report filed by an Online News Media , 247 Reports , numerous reports to the police have failed because a recently retired Deputy Inspector General of Police from Awka is allegedly one of the backbones behind the criminals. He protects them and each time they were reported to the police, the said retired DIG squashes it from his end. 247 Reports further reported that the said retired Deputy Inspector General of Police influenced the posting of the Abagana, Divisional Police Officer who does his bidding by giving free hand to the bandits to continue with their nefarious operation unchallenged. Now emboldened they have expanded their crime ring from not just land banditry but to illicit drug distribution , robberies and kidnappings.


The allegation against the police and the alleged influence of the retired Deputy Inspector General of Police in the ongoing criminal enterprise is very weighty and should be thoroughly investigated by the authorities to ascertain the veracity. The nation is here reminded that high-ranking police officers in the past had been arrested and were successfully prosecuted for aiding and abetting various crimes including armed robbery and kidnappings. The End SARS protest which engulfed the nation and nearly brought it down wasn’t just about police brutality but also about the public perception of the police in bad, corrupt and oppressive image. The legacy which the current Inspector General of Police must strive to leave behind even if it remains him a day in office is to restore public confidence, especially the confidence of law-abiding citizens in the police as their friend, and not a police force that is the friend of the lawless.


This opinion article is an appeal to the President, the National Security Adviser ,the DSS and the Inspector General of Police to order independent investigation into Enugu-Agidi crisis as there may be a nexus in the crisis with the rising criminal activities in parts of the state and South- East. I further appeal to the Anambra State Governor who have made a success story of security to look into the situation in Enugwu Agidi. The people are in pains and in fear. The more this situation lingers, the more things will get awry. If anything, un-toward happens to the peace Enugwu Agidi or any of its good people, the State and the law should know the direction to look. Law-abiding citizens have right to live in peace and to be protected by the law. No one or group of persons should constitute themselves into nuisance to the extent of overpowering a whole community and its constituted authorities.

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