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Election Tribunal sacks ex-Buhari aide, Sumaila as Federal Reps
Election Tribunal sacks ex-Buhari aide, Sumaila as Federal Reps

In the last 48 hours we have received very disturbing news which show the direction of this democracy and this nation in the present time.
In IMO State 9 PDP lawmakers have defected to APC. You know the story behind that.
IMO state was controlled by PDP until the Supreme Court “made” judgment giving it to APC. As usual carpet crossing has started. Now that the governor is from APC, lawmakers who were elected on the platform of PDP have started migrating to where the action is, where money is.
That is the quality of the people ruling Nigeria. They are strangers to honour, deficient of credibility and truth.
In Kano State where the judgment was given in favour of APC the PDP chairman has defected to APC. I thought they used to say that when a ship is about to sink or even sinking, the captain should be the last to desert the ship.
Not in Nigeria.
These are the venal politicians looking for the highest bidder in Nigeria’s political auction mart. These are the open sores of a nation.
Menachem Begin was leader of Opposition for more than 21 years without changing his party or ideology – a Jew to the core. He played that role faithfully and put the government on its toes. Until favour smiled on him and he won with his Coalition partners and formed the government in Israel. The Peace enjoyed between Israel and Egypt today is a monument to that visionary leader and honest man. Gen Ariel Sharon visited his house as a leader of Opposition and he was surprised that the man had nothing, save for a writing table and sparse furniture. Yet he served his nation and Israel is safer today because Menachem Begin lived.
Good leadership is a blessing because it is rare.
I sometimes believe that Nigeria is probably under a curse because the leadership of this nation are a curse not a blessing. In point of fact all the signs of a divine curse are presently in manifestation and incubation in Nigeria under the present arrangement in Nigeria.
And they have brought the curse upon this nation with their misleadership.
Nigerian politicians are too dishonest, too deficient in honour and credibility to bring any good to this nation.
I do not see how you can build a nation of honest citizenry without honour. I do not know which way a national breakthrough will emerge with a set of dishonorable traders we call politicians in this nation.
It can’t get below this. This is the very bottom, the very nadir of social degradation.
I look at every sector of Nigeria, just name it from political, academic, banking, media, religious, government etc there is not a single one that can be called a bastion of honour. Shame.
The Civil Societies Organizations are even worse. Really, God must have amazing patience about Nigeria.
It is now obvious that democracy, though the best form of government, has brought more curses on Nigeria than blessings. We have a duty to now pray fervently that politics will not lead to war.
Because if you are waiting for these leeches, these vermins, these soul traders eating the lifeblood of a nation, they can plunge Nigeria to war. Without any remorse whatsoever.
And this brings me to the point I wish to make here. Nigeria needs more than a miracle to make it, with these kinds of men as politicians, leaders – these social lepers, cultists, without truth and without honour – you will wait for donkey years. These are not the men that change a nation. It is beyond them, it is above their reach. They don’t have the spirit to take the nation to its Land of Promise, unlike Joshua and Caleb.
As you know, the same mindset that created a problem cannot be the same mindset that will bring the solution.
It is the same spirit that caused our problems, the same spirit that brought us here as a laughing stock in the eyes of nations is still the same spirit that is inspiring this generation of political leadership. Only that it is now worse.
And i tell you the truth there is very little difference between Abacha and Babangidda and even Buhari or Obasanjo or even Jonathan. Sure they look different on the surface but they are all the same because they are motivated by the same spirit, the same spirit operates through them – the spirit of task mastership and slavery. It is just that it is now worse.
So what we need is a change of the spirit of leadership and spirit in leadership. A real change from enslavers to freeborn and righteousness. This is what is lacking. Our throne is not built on Righteousness and Truth. Our government is not an institution of honour and equity.
Democracy will make no difference as long as things are like this.
These are not changes human hands can accomplish or what a National Conference or Restructuring can achieve. We need God.

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