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What is cryptocurrency?

There are two words connected here?


The word “CRYPTO” simply means: not openly avowed or declared (digital).

While the word “CURRENCY” simply means: the money that a country uses: a specific kind of money: something that is used as money.

Hence the two connected words “CRYPTO and CURRENCY” means: “digital money”. This means the currency is not a fiat or paper kind of money —one cannot touch or feel it which will soon silence the fiat or paper money globally in its due course; it’s a 21st century revolutionary money.


The numbers of cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 19th August 2018 is over 1, 600 and growing which I will like to mention the few numbers of them here:

(1) Bitcoin

(2) Bitcoin Cash

(3)Lite Coin

(4) Ethereum Coin

(5) Stellar Coin

(6) NEM Coin

(7) NEO Coin

(8) EOS Coin

(9) Ripple Coin

(10) Cardano Coin

(11) The Other Side Of The Coin (OTHERS).

(12) The Billion Coin (TBC) —the private coin.

Meanwhile new ones are still warming up to cue in the numbers. Among them is: “The Abundance Coin” (TAC).

Before I begin to explain to you of “The Abundance Coin”, let me first of all explain to you how crypto currency came in to existence. The first cryptocurrency (digital money) that came to existince was / is “BITCOIN” >>>The first and most widely used decentralized ledger currency, with the highest market capitalization<<< and that was in the year two thousand and nine (2009).

It was founded or created by a sixty four (64) years old man, a Japanese who nick named himself as “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO” he hid his original identity because of the fear of the “ELITES” —the world big boys who decide which individual or nation to be wealthy (I personally call them the greeds). Because if he reveals his identity, he might be stopped or killed.

And after the creation of the currency “BITCOIN” he released it to the masses (including the greeds —“ELITES”), they studied it and was fortunately approved to be used as a new global adopted currency.

After “BITCOIN”, came other crypto currencies which “THE BILLION COIN” (TBC) is one.

The Billion Coin (TBC) came into existence in the year two thousand and sixteen (2016) and was lunched 21st. March same year.

Now “THE ABUNDANCE COIN” (TAC) again —the king / giant of all cryptocurrencies in the world with a unique, well explained and clear mission / vision (Habakkuk 2: 2-3).



QUESTION “1”: What is The Abundance coin all about?

ANSWER: The Abundance Coin is one of the global decentralized cryptocurrencies.

QUESTION :”2″: How did “The Abundant Coin” (TAC) come?

ANSWERS: (a) The Abundance Coin (TAC) came through the nonchalant attitude of the TBC admin with no leadership ability.

(b) The idea to create “TAC” came up because of the promises upon promises by same admin of TBC to get into economic phase with yet no results —the long time waiting.

(c) The unending $25 monthly admin fees after paying $10 lifetime wallet fees became an issue in the Kringle society.

(d) Mr. Steve Williams (a.k.a —Mr. Abundance) was challenged / insulted “you have lost your influence in the society and also across the globe” —TBC admin).

QUESTION “3”: Who is / are the founder(s) of The Abundance Coin

ANSWER: Mr. Steve Williams (aka Mr. Abundance) with those who unanimously raised a sum of $60, 000 for the building of The “Abundance Coin”.

QUESTION “4”: Who is the convener, vision bearer or creator of The Abundance Coin? (TAC).

ANSWER: Mr. Steve Williams (aka Mr. Abundance).

QUESTION “5”: How much does it involve to create TAC?

ANSWER: $60,000

QUESTION “6”: Has The Abundance Coin (TAC) been launched?

ANSWER: No! It has not been launched yet.

QUESTION “7”: When will it be Pre-launched?

ANSWER: The Pre-launching of The Abundance Coin will take place between the month of January and March 2020.

QUESTION “8”: How do I go about the investment of The Abundance Coin?

ANSWER: You can begin your investment by being a founding member.

QUESTION “9”: Is there a fixed amount for each person to invest in The Abundance Coin? (as to be a founding member).

ANSWER: No! It all depends on your financial status. But the minimum amount in USD is $20.

QUESTION “10”: Does The Abundance Coin investment window for founding members has a closing date?

ANSWER: Yes of course! The investment window close as soon as the $60, 000 target to build the Abundance Coin on the ecr20 ethereum Blockchain is met.

QUESTION “11”: What is the price of the Abundance Coin in USD (as per Coin?

ANSWER: 1 Coin is for $1

QUESTION “12”: Will the coin be appreciating like The Billion Coin? (TBC). ANSWER: Yes it will but will be subject to fluctrations.

QUESTION “12” Is there anything like bonuses for the founding members of The Abundance Coin?

ANSWER: Yes of course! There are bonuses for all the founding members:


No. $ No of coins

1. $20? 100 Coins

2. $40?200 Coins

3. $80?400 Coins

4. $100?500 Coins

5. $200?1,200 Coins

6. $300?2,100 Coins

7. $400?3,200 Coins

8. $500?4,500 Coins

9. $600 ?6,000 Coins

10. $700?7,700 Coins

11. $800?9,600 Coins

12. $900?11,700 Coins

13. $1,000?14,000 Coins

14. $1,500?28,500 Coins

15. $2,000?48,000 Coins

16. $3,000?99,000 Coins

17. $4,000?172,000 Coins

18. $5,000?265,000 Coins.

QUESTION “12”: Who do I pay to?

ANSWER: You pay to no individual account but to a TAC cooperate / current account provided for each member to pay in their investment money.

Below is the authorized Banking details where you pay in your investment money:

Account Name:


Account Number: 4896584018

Bank Name: F.C.M.B

Aaccount description: Current account.

Note: all payments should be in either:

1. Bank internet transfer

2. Bank mobile transfer

3. Bank cash deposit (for only in Nigeria).

Please, no ATM transfers as it does not capture the name of the person(s) making the payment.

For those paying with Bitcoin can pay directly to Mr. Abundance nominated Bitcoin wallet address as follows:


Then send your Transaction ID or hash ID or your wallet address used to send the Bitcoin with your full details as filled in the TAC Application form to our email for verification and confirmation:

TAC Application Form:
Full Names:

Email address:

Telephone (with country code):

Transaction ID:

Note: Please private chat no one as regards to your payment as to avoid scamming.

QUESTION “13”: How do I know if my payment is being received by the TAC’s admin?

ANSWER: Once your payment is being made, send your payment details (receipt or teller, your name, your phone number, and the amount paid (Based on the category) To: for authentication / verification (for Nigeria only)

QUESTION “14”: Can I still invest as a founding member after the $60, 000 target for creating of The Abundance Coin is met?

ANSWER: No! however There will opportunities for EARLY BIRD ADOPTORS AND VISIONARIES.

QUESTION “15” Why Do we need early birds and visionaries to invest and what will they be investing in?

Answer: TAC as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which must fund a project successfully to be officially launched – this is called a successful (ICO) where institutional investors will take your coin seriously.

QUESTION “16” What are the initial projects?

Answer: (1) TAC Afro-Caribbean International Gospel Festival (2) TAC Roll back Malaria Program (3) Afro-caribbean Cup of Nations and (4) Afro-Caribbean Economic Forum

QUESTION “17” What is the cost and who pays?

Answer: US$2.5m which will be raised by glo

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