TBC Scam update : enough is enough with this TBC admin – McRobert Dogbey

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McRobert Dogbey, [26.11.19 17:04]
Hello Tacian and Tbcian, enough is enough with this TBC admin. This is my write-up I sent to the group of Broadcasters today. I am a broadcaster though.

McRobert Dogbey, [26.11.19 17:04]
Good afternoon from where I am now to My brother and sister the Broadcasters. if $60,000.00 can created a Coin BlockChain and 5000$ can sponsor a program to make that Coin in the first top in the Coin market.
Now, the question here’s what are we doing here since 2016 till now we don’t have a BlockChain on our own? We are in our fourth years now before admin is telling us he needs money for BlockChain and sponsor a program to make TBC to compete with libra and telegram?
All this while the money admin is collecting from us, what is he using it for?
If admin can not use this money to build a BlockChain for TBC and sponsor a program to help TBC,then my people we are in trouble.
We should wake up and raised the voice that we are using to Broadcasting to tell admin that enough is enough.
We should hold admin accountable to the community.
All that admin is saying doesn’t make sense or common sense any longer.
One thing I am seeing in the Broadcasters is that, you people can not talk about the wrong things admin is doing all this while. We are afraid to talk about it because if you talk about it you be labeled and Bitcoin bounty will not be given to you.
The question we need to ask our self is, are we so evils to see our men and women dieying in all the promises admin to us?
Wake up my people.

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