INEC Must Conduct Credible Elections to justify Huge Expenditures of Tax Payers Money- Clem Aguiy

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The CEO of African Free Press and Founder Move on Nigeria Mr. Clem Aguiyi has called on INEC , Security Agencies and all the institutions involved in election management in Nigeria to act more responsibly in the interest of the nation .

Mr. Aguiyi who spoke on AIT Program titled FOCUS Nigeria described the 2019 election as worse than the previous 2015 and 2011 elections put together blamed INEC and security agencies for being complicit in election rigging and manipulations.

He insisted that INEC must conduct credible elections to justify its huge expenditure of tax payers money.

Mr. Aguiyi called on the judiciary to redeem its image as the last hope of the common man by doing its duties in the interpretation of the law and dispensing justice when it comes to election matters as politicians who have violated the rules must not be aided to enjoy their illegality.

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