Senator Shehu Sani Mocks Gov. Elrufai on tweeter

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says the Governor is Angry because he was refused visa to Japan

Was Elrufai , the Executive Governor of Kadua State refused a visa to Japan and why?

This was the claim made by former Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna State whom the governor claimed has be reduced to ordinary internet blogger.

Shehu returned the jab by claiming the governor is just angry because he couldn’t follow the president to Japan because he was refused visa by the Japanese government. According Sani , the governor has been holed up in Abuja trying to solve his visa issue to no end.

The US government recently issued visa restrictions against a number of Nigerian politicians and public officers for their roles in against free and fair elections in Nigeria. The politicians affected are mostly members of the ruling APC government in Nigeria of which Governor El Rufai is prominent

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