Move on Nigeria condemns the arrest of 123 Northern youths in Lagos

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By Chika Okwu

The recent arrest by officials of the Lagos  State Government of 123 youths from Jigawa State  who came into Lagos in search of greener pastures  has been condemned by  a cross section of the civil society group. Speaking to newsmen in the early hours of today , the President of Move on Nigeria , Mr. Clement  Aguiyi accused the Lagos State Government of violating the fundamental rights of the Youths . He stressed  that the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provided for freedom of movement and the right of every citizen to visit or live in any part of the country of choice  without harassment. He said the only offence by the  young men  who were humiliated as if they were common criminals was daring to visit Lagos as a youth and there is no such a crime like illegal mass movement.

Mr. Aguiyi insisted  that no Nigerian should be discriminated against because of their social statue or account of ethnic origin . He queried if the young men would have been arrested and paraded before newsmen as common criminal if they had traveled by air  to Lagos . Travelling by road and on motor vehicle ought not be  a crime  he said.

The action of the officials of Lagos state government is wrong and capable of inciting ill feelings amongst Nigerians. He urged the Lagos State Government to provide shelter , food and jobs for the 123 youths  , and also to help them settle  down in Lagos.

All of the 123 youths had  since  been released by the  Lagos State Government  who described the arrest as a  routine security  check in view of the current security challenges across the country

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