BREAKING : Naomi Osaka beats American Coco Gauf to retain her position as world’s number 1.

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Beating  Coco isn’t the news but what Osaka did after winning .

Naomi Osaka , the Japanese sensation reestablished herself as number 1 seed player after beating 15-year-old American Coco Gauff 6-3 6-0 in the third round of the US Open.

It turned out that beating Coco isn’t the news about the special match but what Osaka did after winning .

Emotional Osaka cried after she won.’ I was crying. Everybody was crying!” said Gauff. “I didn’t know why she was crying. I was like, ‘you won the match!'”

This wasn’t the first time Osaka has shown compassion in victory and after a heart-warming embrace at the net, she invited a tearful Gauff to speak to the crowd in a post-match interview.

“I wanted to leave the court because I’m not the type of person who wants to cry in front of everyone. I didn’t want to take that moment away from her, as well,” said Gauff, competing in only her second Grand Slam singles main draw.

“She told me it’s better than crying in the shower. She convinced me multiple times to stay. I kept saying no. Finally I said, OK, I’ll do it.”

“I’m happy that she kind of convinced me to do it because, I mean, I’m not used to crying in front of everyone.”

Osaka, 21, was holding back tears herself when she then spoke directly to Gauff’s box, before apologizing for playing so well. She  has all the nicest words for her opponent and her coaching crew.

“You guys raised an amazing player,” said the Japanese world number one. “I used to see you guys training in the same place as us. The both of us made it and are working as hard as we can. I think this is the most focused I have been since Australia.

Turning back to Gauff, she added: “I am sorry for playing you in this mentality. It was super fun!”

Osaka amazing display of compassion and love warmed hearts who praised her for showing greatness in and off the field . That is how sports should be and this was indeed a great moment for Tennis.

According to Coco “For me a definition of an athlete is someone who treats you as their worst enemy on the court but after they treat you like you’re their best friend. That’s what she did.”



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