Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu is an innocent Man by Joseph Okebe

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Those wishing Orji Uzor Kalu bad, at the end will discover that they are attacking an innocent gentleman, How much was Abia allocation during his regime. For the doubting Thomases, the record is there in Central Bank of Nigeria for them to verify. Yet this man was able to pay civil servants and pensioners their wages before the month will end. There was free education in Abia state, He constructed the Enyimiri Housing Estate in Umuahia, Constructed the world bank Housing Estate both in Aba and Umuahia. This man constructed the Enyimba stadium and raised the club to international recognition by wining numerous trophies both local and international. The most outstanding is winning the Africa Champions cup back to back, which has never happened in the history of soccer in Nigeria. Kalu reconstructed many township roads in Aba and Umuahia. He constructed the Michael Okpara Square in Umuahia, and the Umuahia stadium. Under his regime there was free medical care in Abia, this was apart from the numerous clinics he established almost in every community in Abia. He raised the status of Abia state so high that people loved to visit. He recovered 23 oil wells which the federal government wrongly ceded to Rivers and Akwa Ibom due to their hatred of the South Easterners. He never enjoyed the 13% derivation from those wells, but his successors have been reaping the benefits. If being successful in life is a crime to his enemies, let them go and hug the nearest transformers near where they are living.

Replied by Joseph Okebe to posters.

Do you have any objections with evidence?

For me;
I benefitted from ORJI Uzor Kalu’s free education through out his tenure.

I also benefited from the free drawing instruments he sheared to all secondary schools. He also sheared free palm trees to all secondary school students.

Any Objections?
Pls give facts not stories or rumors you heard.

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