Prince Aken Osagiede WANTED for Homosexuality

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The  investigations started in 2014, when the suspect Prince Aken Osagiede was accused for having sex with little Boys in his environment. he was earlier caught in late hour at a nearby bush, with a young boy called  Larry and the both where said to be having sex closed to Larry’s father’s house in Benin City, Edo State.

The victim sister who raises alarm as local vigilante showed up, arrested the suspect and later handed him over to the Police for investigations said she is an eyewitness.

The suspect jump bail after he was released from custody with the help of the investigating officer who collected money from the his mother.

The Suspect has been on the Run ever since. The Police is Rewarding any One with Useful information of the where about of  Price Aken Osagiede. For Information Call : 052-762771

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  1. This boy should be brought to book I know the boy in Nigeria before what a bad heart he comments, please the federal government should bring him to book?

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